Miles Budde for City Council 2013


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Polls are open from 6AM to 9PM on Tuesday, November 5th.  Vote for Miles Budde, the Green Party candidate for City Council in Manhattan’s 2nd Council District.  Together we can make a clean environment, social justice & a good economy for all!


Miles Budde for City Council 2013

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 I’m Miles Budde and I’m the Green Party candidate for City Council in the 2nd Council District in the East Village, Alphabet City, Lower East Side, Gramercy, Flatiron, Kips Bay & part of Murray Hill.  If elected, I’ll write the bills & do the work needed to pass & fund these bills for a clean environment, social justice & a good economy for all.  Some examples of what I’ll do when elected are:

1. Fair taxes:  A) a $50,000 income tax standard deduction; B) apply the sales tax on Wall Street too (sales of stocks, sales of bundled mortgages & bundled student loans, sales of credit default swaps, sales of derivatives, etc.), you pay the sales tax, I pay the sales tax, Wall Street can pay the sales tax too; C) end tax loopholes, D) 5% NYC income tax on income (including capital gains, carried interest, all income) over $50,000 a year, E) eliminate all other deductions, F) cut property taxes by 50% & cap property tax increases at no more than the Social Security cost of living increase annually; G) apply the payroll taxes (e.g. Medicare, Social Security) on all incomes (including $133,000+ a year) to pay for a $1500 a month Social Security minimum, H) cap payroll taxes at 5%, I) reduce the sales tax to 1% after the public debt is paid off

* NYC debt is approx $115 billion, NYC’s debt should be paid off in approx. 10 days then the sales tax will be reduced to a 1% sales tax on all (Wall Street included).

* $50 trillion in sales happen each year on Wall Street.  The NYC sales tax rate is currently 8.875 %.

2. Health. Free healthcare for all, Open Enrollment Medicaid for All, all HHC hospitals 100% free (HHC hospitals include Bellvue Hospital, Metropolitan Hospital, Jacobi Hospital, etc.); all NYC Dept. of Health clinics 100% free-of-charge; construct & staff 80 new Dept. of Health clinics (all to include Pharmacies, Mental Health, Physical Therapy & Dental) open 7AM to 11PM 7 days a week; no more insurance company death panels, no more co-pays, no more premiums, no more supplemental premiums, no more donut holes, no more deductibles, no more authorizations needed, no more referrals needed; just good decent 100% healthcare coverage 100% free of charge for 100% of the people 100% of the time; better health, longer life; legalize marijuana for general use (same as Colorado & Washington).

3. Affordable Housing. $30 billion to NYC Corp. of Engineers to hire 100,000 construction workers to build 1,000,000 new Green Building LEEDs Platinum apartments (needing 1/2 the energy, 1/2 the water of 1900s buildings; cleaner air, less sewerage given off, less air pollution given off; google Green Building, and google Taipei 101 & University Place Memphis for examples of Green Buildings), rent will be 25% of your adjusted gross income (AGI), no more waiting list, move in within 24 hours, design these buildings to be Greener / nicer / cleaner than the best private condo buildings, no background checks to move in, end homelessness; supply and demand:  after 50,000 homeless people get homes and after 950,000 private apartments empty out from tenants who choose Greener cleaner nicer public apartments that cost 25% of their income, there will be 950,000 vacant private apartments – anyone who wants older private housing can then rent private sector older less efficient apartments for 1/2 the rent.  There is currently (2013) an acute shortage of housing in NYC, this is why rents are so high (i.e. we have about 3,000,000 apartments / we need about 4,000,000 apartments – when we build the 1,000,000 apartments that we need to meet current demand then rents will be cut in half … we have the opportunity to build Green Buildings that use 1/2 the energy & 1/2 the water as older buildings, we have the opportunity for the City to build Green Buildings that give off 1/2 the sewerage & 1/2 the air pollution as older buildings and the City can rent these truly not-for-profit public apartments at 25% of your income.  If your income is $100 a month then you pay $25 a month in rent, if your income is $1,000 a month then you pay $250 a month, if your income is $2,000 a month then you pay $500 a month in rent and you can move in within 24 hours, no credit checks, no background checks, no security deposit, just hassle free move in within 24 hours to a cleaner air energy efficient Green Building new public apartment.

4. Education. Keep public high schools free, free Community Colleges, free public colleges, free public universities; free CUNY. Open admissions at Community Colleges.  Build enough dorms on all CUNY campuses.  Rent will be 25% of adjusted gross income (AGI) just like it will be at NYCHA. Improve the quality of education for the children by building more classrooms & hiring more teachers, reduce class size to 21 children a class max; Briggs Myers test once a year (grades 7-12), hire 5,000 career counselors for a minimum of 1 hour a month of career counseling for all students grades 7-12; form a committee to write actionable blueprints within 1 year to make the Public Schools more competitive than the best private schools & implement this plan in 2015. Create 50,000 jobs in total.  This proposal will reverse the Billionaire Bloomberg / corporate party practices of closing schools because this plan will build more classrooms, build more schools & hire more teachers.

5. Childcare.  Build childcare centers at every public elementary school for 100% free-of-charge child care 7AM to 7PM 7 days a week.  Create 8,000 jobs.

6. Wages. A minimum wage of $12.50 an hour plus annual cost-of-living increases; with a $50,000 income tax standard deduction & payroll taxes capped at 5%:  minimum wage workers will take home 95% of their pay.  With 1,000,000 Green Building public apartments available, every worker is guaranteed good clean air energy efficient new apartment at 25% of your income.

7. Unions.  Make firing workers who try to unionize a Class E felony. Make any retaliation against workers trying to unionize a Class E felony. Have the NYC Attorney General’s Office investigate and prosecute corrupt Union “Leaders” who sold out Union Members.

8. Debt. Pay off the colossal public debt. Forgive student loans. Enforce existing laws against usury. All debt can be discharged in bankrupcy court.  Creditors (and their affiliates) can never charge more than double of what was borrowed (e.g. if you borrow $1,000 in credit card debt:  you cannot be required to pay more than $2,000 on that $1,000 borrowed in total.  Ever.)  End the student loan program:  public colleges will be free; borrowing for private colleges can be done through private banks (already available for both private colleges & private high schools).

9. Elders. Raise the Social Security minimum to $1,500 a month + annual cost-of-living increases; NYC Social Security supplements to accomplish this; strengthen & better enforce laws against Elder Abuse modeled on laws that protect children against child abuse; end poverty among our Elders & restore the retirement age to 62.

(The current Social Security minimum is $1.00 a month.  The current Social Security average monthly payment is $1,120 a month.)

10. Animal rights. Increased funding for ‘no kill’ shelters and more effective enforcement of laws to protect animal rights.

A. The pet ownership should be regulated, whether dogs, cats and fish, wildlife in any way, as the traffic and trade harms the environment and this has no boundaries, is universal. Enact a law requiring the City to take a census every 10 years.
B.  An easily accessible registration office, with a postcard size registration form added onto every City to make it easier to register animals. Registration will be free-of-charge.
C. 6 hours of training at the Police Academy in animal/wildlife/marine creature laws plus 2-hour annual refresher courses for every Police Officer & the creation of a Special Unit at the NYPD to enforce the law.
D. Inaugurate new laws to differentiate the levels of abuse to animals, to criminalize violence and killing and to effectively enforce laws against violence and killing.
E.  A Committee will be formed to undertake a one-year study of existing rules, regulations & laws and will propose 12 months later which rule regulations & laws to abolish, which ones to modify and which new ones to implement for better health, better safety, better quality of life & longer life.
F.  Outlaw foie gras.
G.  Enact & enforce the California Prevention of Farm Animal Cruelty Act in it’s entirety.

11. Democracy.  Lower the voting age in NY to 16.  Include 15 hours a year in high schools to teach how do candidates get on the ballot, what do Lawmakers do & how exactly do Lawmakers affect almost every aspect of our lives (environment, jobs, education, housing, wages, benefits, taxes, pensions, health, transportation, you name it). Enact the NYC Voting Rights Act.  Have the NYC Attorney General’s Office investigate and prosecute anti democracy crimes (e.g. the swapping of memory disks of vote counts in transit from polling stations to the Elections Board on Election Eve; voter disenfranchisement).

12. Restore the Bill of Rights.  Inaugurate the NYC Attorney General’s Office to replace the NYC Dept. of Investigations, hire 10,000 top investigators & 5,000 top prosecutors to increase enforcement of existing laws & enhanced new laws to protect our human rights, our Constitutional Rights & our Rights guaranteed by the Bill of Rights, end stop & frisk, update the Police Academy curriculum & have law enforcement officials wear mini cameras, make it a Class D felony for anyone to violate the US Bill of Rights & our rights guaranteed to us by the Constitution of the USA (the highest Law of the Land); more freedom & more liberty for New Yorkers.

13.  Financial accountability.  The NYC Attorney General’s Office will focus on crimes committed by Wall Street & by the financial sector (e.g. the Bernie Madoff Act) by investigating & prosecuting the crooks down there.

14. Government accountability. Give 1/1000th of the NYC budget to the Justice Dept.’s Public Corruption Unit to expedite the weeding out of corrupt govt. officials, model a Unit at the NYC Attorney General’s Office on the Justice Dept.’s Public Corruption Unit to clean up government in NYC. Grant CCB officials the authority to subpoena & to arrest.  Zero tolerance for corrupt govt. officials.

15.  Create jobs. Build 21 new medical schools at & University Hospitals at CUNY campuses, more doctors, graduate 10,500 new Medical Doctors a year; less waiting to see a doctor, build 11 new Schools of Pharmacy & 11 new Schools of Dentistry, graduate 5500 new Pharmacists & 5500 new Dentists a year, create 15,000 jobs; 21 new University Hospitals will also increase preparedness in the event of a crisis and will reverse the losses suffered by hospital closures that occurred during Billionaire Bloomberg’s reign; build 100 new generic drug & medical device factories in NYC, improve the quality of medicines & devices, no more shortages, create 50,000 jobs, exporting excess production, increasing prosperity here.

16.  Safe homes, safe streets and safe neighborhoods. Utilize the ‘pinpoint strategy’ to reduce neighborhood crime.  Gender equality in the NYPD, an updated Police Academy curriculum & truly affordable housing (public housing ready for on-the-spot move in & rents cut in half on private apartments) will provide solutions for safe homes (i.e. cops who will arrest ALL domestic violence perps, an affordable housing way out for people trapped in bad housing situations, etc.). Stipends for Neighborhood Auxiliary Police.  New Police Officers will be from NYC only.  Utilize the Police Academy, when not in use for Police Cadets, to train Auxiliary Police Officers; have Court Houses operate from 8AM to 12 Midnight (2 shifts) each day to guarantee the right to a speedy trial & to increase accessibility of the courts to all New Yorkers for all court matters: criminal and civil, create 2,500 jobs (the ‘Judge McKeon Justice Delayed is Justice Denied Act’)

17. Full employment. Create enough jobs so that every adult 16-62 who wants a job can have a job. Pass Council Resolutions calling on Congress to cancel our membership in the World Trade Organization (WTO) & to re-negotiate Free Trade Agreements (FTAs), this will create tens of millions of jobs in the United States of America; USA #1.

18. Non-profit accountability. Have the NYC Attorney General’s Office enforce existing laws & newly enacted laws that non-profits cannot require money for services or goods that they offer (this includes universities claiming to be “not-for-profit”) & non-profits cannot pay more in compensation to a nonprofit employee (or contractor) than the average wage in NY State (i.e. the ‘John Sexton Law’).

19. Energy.  Reduce energy bills by 15%, create 15,000 Green energy jobs in wind energy, clean hydrogen fuel & all other clean fuels, ban hydro fracking & ban the use of basic foods (like corn) in biofuels to keep food prices lower; build 5 wind turbine factories in NYC, create 5,000 jobs; excess clean energy production here in NYC will make us free of outside energy sources & we can export excess production for increasing prosperity here; demolish the unsightly Con Ed mystery facility on 14th Street between Ave. C & the East River, de-toxify that site, then build truly affordable housing there.

20. Environment.  Devote 1% of the City budget to medical research to discover new medicines and cures, create 50,000 new jobs, invest in innovation, increase NY’s high tech competitiveness; phase out carcinogens, phase in safe alternatives, survey the environment & create 5,000 jobs for a total clean-up of the environment here in NYC (see for more on the Cancer Elimination Act).

21. Transportation.  Free public transportation:  free subways, free buses & free commuter trains (LIRR & Metro North); the #1 source of air pollution is motor vehicle exhaust, the #1 incentive to get people to take public transportation is by making it free (like 100+ other cities & towns have already done); the cost of making subways, buses & commuter trains free is $4 billion (currently $6 billion is from subsidies & $4 billion is from Metrocard sales); buy 1,000 new buses & 1,000 new train cars to improve efficiency and frequency of service, hire 4,000 new MTA workers; quadruple the number of bike lanes by 2017 for cleaner air, a cleaner environment & better health.

22. Stop closures.  Stop the closures of hospitals, fire stations, libraries & schools. Reverse the closures already done by Billionaire Bloomberg & the old City Council by building more classrooms, hiring more teachers, building 21 medical schools & 21 new University Hospitals; upgrading fire stations & libraries and expanding the hours that libraries are open.


The 4 Pillars of the Green Party are:  1) Grassroots Democracy, 2) Non-Violence, 3) Ecological Wisdom & 4) Social Justice/Equality.  Visit for more on the Green Party.  Vote Green.

The 10 Key Values of the Green Party are:

1. Grassroots Democracy

2. Non-Violence

3. Ecological Wisdom

4. Equality / Social Justice

5. Decentralization

6. Economic Justice

7.  Gender Equality

8.  Respect for Diversity

9.  Personal & Global Responsibility

10.  Future Focus & Sustainability

Check out to find out more about the 10 Key Values of the Green Party.  Register to vote Green Party.  Adopt the 10 Key Values into your daily life.  Vote for good Green Party candidates on Election Day.  Together we can bring about a clean environment, social justice and a good economy for all.  Volunteers especially are needed for campaigning and for volunteer-at-home positions.  Please text 646-801-3596 or email to find out more.  If you can pitch in & help out a couple of hours a month (or a couple hours a week), your volunteer time is especially appreciated.

Contributions up to $2,500 are being accepted from individuals only.  Green Party candidates do NOT accept corporate donations.  Green Party candidates do NOT accept money from corporate PACs (Political Action Committees).  The Green Party is in favor of ending corporate personhood, overturning the one dollar one vote ‘Citizens United’ Supreme Court ruling with a constitutional amendment restoring one person one vote, count all the votes.  Join your local ‘Move to Amend’ group to make a difference in ending corporate personhood, corporate rule, one dollar one vote AND to instead restore democracy, restore:  one person one vote, count all the votes once.

If you want to contribute, please write your name, address, phone, job title and employer and citizen status (e.g. US Citizen, Permanent Resident, etc.) on a piece of paper (the Board of Elections requires reporting of this information from each contributor) and mail a check to Miles Budde for City Council at 211 East 17th Street #5 New York, NY 10003.  Text or call 347-485-6249 if you have any questions or email  Thank you, your contributions are appreciated.

On Election Day, November 5th, 2013, vote for Miles Budde, Green Party candidate for City Council.  To register to vote, change your party affiliation to Green or to locate your polling place, go to: & follow the prompts.  Contact me with questions, comments, to contribute, to find out more or to volunteer (volunteers especially are needed for campaigning & for volunteer-at-home positions) by texting or calling 347-485-6249  or emailing:

Together, we can make a clean environment, social justice and a good economy for all happen.